My name is Jen Walklate, and I’m a Teaching Fellow at the School of Museum Studies. I’ve a varied background: once upon a time, I studied English Literature, Art History, Linguistics and Russian at the University of St Andrews, finally graduating with an MA in Medieval History in 2007. ┬áIn 2008, I began working on my MA at the School of MS, and graduated with a PhD five years later. You can find a link to my thesis here. After a few years away, I’ve come back to roost for a while.

On this site, you’ll find more information about myself, my interests, and my work. You’ll be able to find out about a list of my publications and activities, my current research and work interests, and the events I am involved in, both within and without academic life. On my blog, Letters From Beyond Xanadu, you will find short academic and creative pieces, and reflections upon topics of interest to me – sometimes in the form of letters written to an unknown recipient, and often about things which aren’t really there. On my other blog, Four Mile Circus, you’ll find my other, equally nerdy, existence as an SF fan/critic and occasional writer.

I’m also a co-founder of Punk Museology, which you can learn about here.


Twitter: @MuseoJen for museum stuff, or @piratemoon for geek/personal posts.

I can be found on LinkedIn