Conferences and Events

April 2016:
‘How Soon is Now?’ Unpicking the Notion of the Contemporary
The Museum in the Global Contemporary, 50th Anniversary Conference, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

November 2015:
Invited Speaker: The Quintessence of Dust: Carnival Temporality and the Ethnographic Museum
Museum Temporalities: Time, History and the (Ethnographic) Museum, Research Centre for Material Culture, Museum Volkekunde, University of Leiden

April 2015:
Conference Co-Convener: Swifts in the Tower of the House of God: The Reciprocal Framing of Nature and Culture in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Museum Ethnographers Group Conference 2015

October 2013:
Temporal Disjuncture and Emotional Upheaval: How A-Chronic Objects Disturb Us, Touching Emotions in Europe 1600-1900, Institute of Historical Research, London

July 2013:
Unreal City: Simultaneity and Interval in the Temporal Museum
Transtechnology Research, University of Plymouth

October 2011:
Authenticities and Temporalities
CHIMERA, University of Manchester

September 2011:
Re-placing Space and Time: Poetic Translations and the Spatio-Temporal Museum
People, Places, Stories, Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden

April 2011:
Unforseen Constellations: Documentary Porosity and the Ethnographic Museum
Museum Ethnographers Group Conference, 2011

March 2011:
Conference Convener: Museopoesis
Curiouser and Curiouser, University of Leicester

April 2010:
Myself Within My Words and Things: the Role of Literature and Museums in Creating Self and Place, My Territory, School of English Postgraduate Seminar, University of Leicester

April 2010:
Paper Identities, Storytellers and Museum Makers: Hidden Selves in Museum Documentation
Museum Ethnographers Group Conference, 2010